Aspirer in Hydro-Stone/Fiber Glass






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The dimensions of the Hydro-Stone/Fiber Glass aspirer are the following:

The height, including the base is 8'6"

The wing span is 70"

The base is a square having 30" sides.

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This product is a Gypsum Cement material of fine powder particles. When mixed with water in a slurry consistency and poured into a silicon rubber mold the cast becomes hard and strong.
This material hardens and becomes very hot. After the cast has dried when pulled out of the mold it resembles fired ceramics. This material has a maximum setting expansion of 0.240% a dry compressive strength of 10,000 P.S.I. with a set drying time of 17-20 minutes. It reaches its maximum strength within one hour. Unlike other plasters and gypsum cements, Hydro-Stone has one of the highest water absorption resistances and it is hard and strong when dry.
It also has an extremely fine detailed duplication guaranteeing the authenticity of the original art object. Hydro-Stone is also guaranteed by the manufacturer to withstand normal environmental elements ensuring its archival longevity and retaining its original artistic value.