Art Collectors

(Partial List--Some collectors wish to remain anonymous)

Company Name  Contact Name

City and State



Midland Museum of Permeable Basin   Midland, TX
Warren Museum   Dallas, TX
Museum of Fine Arts   Munich, Germany

Cities/Government Offices

City of Frisco   Frisco, CO
City of Montgomery County   District of Columbia
Illinois State Capitol   Chicago, IL
Utah Symphony   Salt Lake City, UT


  Dan and Jen Black Fort Wayne, IN
  James C. Downs, DMD Denver, CO
  Count & Countess D'Monet Miami, FL
  James B. Galligan Highlands Ranch, CO
  Howard Holme Denver, CO
  Karl K. Kehmeier  
  J.P. Kelso, Esq.  
  Scott Lowery, Esq.  Denver, CO
  Dr. Kathleen Nevin Denver, CO
  Jeff Oberg Denver, CO
  John Sawyer, Esq.  
  Sharon Painter Orange, CA
  George and Gloria Ryder Highlands Ranch, CO
  Reesa Ryder Denver, CO
  Barbara and Phil M Denver, CO
  Les Schultz Palm Springs, CA
  John Price Salt Lake City, UT


American Express   Salt Lake City, UT
Bhag Realty Carol May Denver, CO
Blain Hudson Printing Blain Hudson Salt Lake City, UT
Bristol-Myers Squibb Emilie R. Senecal Denver, CO
Carpet Brokers International George Hickinbotham Denver, CO
Church (Night Club)   Denver, CO
The Connell Firm Raymond J. Connell Denver, CO
Designers Fred McCaley Denver, CO
Direct Mortgage Group Kirk Michalek Denver, CO
Dunn & Bradstreet   New York, NY
El Paso Productions Clint Eastwood Carmel, CA
FC Designs Karen Forey Denver, CO
Fairfield and Woods, PC Howard Holme Denver, CO
Fritts Insurance Kelly Fritts Denver, CO
Home Savings and Loans William Hamenson Los Angeles, CA
International Matrix Arthur Odum Midland, TX
Jeri Williams, PC Jeri Williams Castle Rock, CO
Keller Williams M. Tobin Newman Denver, CO
Ken Okayaki, PC Ken Okayaki Salt Lake city, UT
Krys, Boyle, Freedman, Scott and sawyer, PC Christina Boyle Denver, CO
Lambert Hal Banking Lambert Hal Midland, TX
Lowery and Clark, PC Phil Lowery Denver, CO
McKay Refining John McKay Salt Lake City, UT
Metretek Phil M. Denver, CO
Miller and Steiert, PC Michael Miller Littleton, CO
Murray and Leon, PC Leon Spero Denver, CO
Neumont Gold Ronald C. Cambre Elco, NV & Denver, CO
Patrick Racing Ann Patrick Tulsa, OK
POP Kim Heisman NY city
Puscas Consulting George Puscas Midland, TX
PRS J.P. Kelso Denver, CO
Sevo Miller John Sevo Denver, CO
Speilberg Productions Steven Speilberg Los Angeles, CA
Tanglewood Enterprises Fred Ratliff Denver, CO
Thornton City Attorney Steven Niparko Thornton, CO
Value Dent Ray Dillman Salt Lake City, UT
Wrigley Co July Wrigley Chicago, IL