78----RAZ--STUDIO-BEBE-MODE.jpg (35316 bytes)

For the sculpture Bebe(in Hydro-Stone), I used six different models.  These are four of them.



BEBE-CLAY-RAZ.jpg (99576 bytes)


Elizabeth Model for Bebe (in Bronze) 

ELISABETA--RAZ--RAZ-WEB.jpg (40788 bytes)

Elizabeta--Studio Denver

Model for Bebe


89--MARINA--B&W-MODEL.-LP.jpg (30944 bytes)

Marina--Lake Powell




88--MARINA---MODEL-SLC2.jpg (101100 bytes)

Marina--Salt Lake City, UT


MONTANA-MODEL-RAZ-WEB.jpg (70454 bytes)

Montana -- Studio Denver

RICK-MODEL-X--RAZ-WEB.jpg (48741 bytes)

X in Hydro-stone 

X in Bronze

77--FEMALE-MODEL-WITH-STATU.jpg (30006 bytes)

Beth and X


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