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20--FIRE-AND-ICE-BRONZEWeb.jpg (41441 bytes)

Fire and Ice --Click to enlarge


19--FIRST-CALL-BRONZEweb.jpg (22685 bytes)


First Call Click to enlarge


13--DAY-DREAMS--BRONZEWeb.jpg (48708 bytes)

Day Dreams Click to enlarge


21  GLASS MENAGERY  I BRONZE.jpg (26560 bytes)

Glass Menagerie I Click to enlarge


22--BRONZE-GLAS-MENAGERI--I.jpg (74474 bytes)

Glass Menagerie II Click to enlarge


15--DREAMER--BRONZEWeb.jpg (50170 bytes) 

Dreamer - Click to enlarge

Sold Out

18--FEAR-&-DESIRE-BRONZEWeb.jpg (44539 bytes)

Fear and Desire Click to enlarge

3--A-VIEW-TO-BRONZEWeb.jpg (35722 bytes)

3 A view - Click to enlarge


9  BEBE   BRONZE TABLE.jpg (85095 bytes)

Bebe Table -Click to enlarge



28--LAST-HUNT--BRONZEWeb.jpg (42058 bytes)

Last Hunt - Click to enlarge

Sold Out

Also in Hydro-Stone

BRONZE-SKULL-WEBsmall.jpg (45339 bytes)

Skull Click to enlarge

Sold Out

Also in Hydro-Stone

12--COOL-BREEZE-BRONZEWeb.jpg (46063 bytes)

Cool Breeze Click to enlarge

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